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About us


Who we are

We are a company with extensive experience in sustainable energy, strongly committed to the Energy Transition. We focus our activity on its main axes: decarbonization, electrification and energy efficiency / digitalization.

We offer our customers a complete solution for their projects, accompanying them throughout the process and providing added value in each step of the supply chain.

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Mission, vision and values

Reaching Net Zero

Our obsession

Amara NZero has a strong commitment to the Energy Transition and a strong will to constantly evolve to be the ideal strategic partner in related projects.

In this way, we are helping to set the course for an environmentally neutral world in 2050. Reaching the Net Zero goal is an obsession for us, as it is the greatest legacy we can offer to next generations.

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We are moved by

Our Mission

"Our mission is to drive the energy transition to achieve a sustainable world".

We want to accompany, add value and respond to the needs of our clients, the major players in the Energy Transition, acting on the axes of the same: decarbonization, electrification and energy efficiency / digitalization.

Beyond products & services.

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Committed to

Our Vision

"Our vision is to achieve a world with zero net emissions, NetZero, for future generations -NextGen-".

The fight against global warming is one of humanity's greatest challenges. The key to success is the Energy Transition and achieving the NET ZERO goal, the greatest legacy we can offer to future generations. 

The speed at which technological developments occur in this transformation requires us to maintain a global vision to be able to anticipate and provide immediate solutions to all the needs of our customers.  

For Amara NZero, this 360º vision thinking about future generations (NextGen) is essential. 

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We are guided by

Our Values

These are the principles that govern the company's mission, vision and commitment to employees, shareholders, customers and society in general. They are the foundation of its corporate culture.

"We feel free to contribute new ideas and continue to progress."

Responsibility to the environment
"We are committed to caring for the planet as a way of life."

"We seek to understand people by acting for mutual benefit"

"We act with immediacy looking for efficiency"

"We add our capabilities for the common goal".

"We are guided by honesty, respect and honesty."

"We build trust by delivering on our commitments"

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We are

We are

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Our presence in seven countries allows us to respond to our clients' national and international projects. This global experience also allows us to have an in-depth knowledge of each market, enabling us to offer a higher quality and safety service, without increasing costs.