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Ethical channel


To ensure transparency and facilitate communication regarding any conduct contrary to our Corporate Governance System or the Law, Amara NZero has an internal information system through which inquiries or reports can be securely submitted and managed under the application of the following principles:

  • Good faith and commitment to non-retaliation: 

Amara NZero ensures the absence of retaliation against individuals who in good faith report irregular conduct.

  • Right to be informed: 

The informant or affected person has the right to be informed from the submission of the inquiry or report.

  • Right to the protection of personal data and anonymity: 

Personal data will be protected at all times, and reports can be submitted while preserving anonymity.

  • Confidentiality: 

The confidentiality of the data of all individuals affected by the provided information is guaranteed.

  • Right to honor, presumption of innocence, and defense: 

Received information will be managed while preserving at all times the right to honor, presumption of innocence, and defense of those affected.


 Internal Information System Policy [pdf]

 Information Management Procedure [pdf]

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